Gordon Timber


New arrivals

24 September 2019

After nearly a year of anticipated waiting, Gordon Timber had some new arrivals on Thursday; a new autoclave was delivered safely to the treatment plant in the evening, weighing in at 25 tonnes.

Earlier there was a larger delivery of the associated mixing tank, weighing 15 tonnes - so large it needed a police escort from Cumbria and could only travel at agreed times to minimise traffic disruptions.

Overseeing the whole operation were our suppliers, Tweddle Engineering and the delivery was assisted by Lawson Haulage from Cockermouth and AEM (specialists in lifting equipment) from Essex who successfully performed two-truck tandem lifts to get the equipment into position. Our own team of banksmen ensured the delicate journey across the weighbridge and through the site was uneventful - apologies to anyone delayed whilst this took place.

A further delivery of the large static tracks ( for timber pack storage) arrived breach and AEM's expertise was required to turn them around before finally pushing into place.

The arrivals will be allowed to get used to their new surroundings for a couple of weeks whilst suitable adjustments to the area are made for them and then there will be a short weaning ( or commissioning) period before they'll be matured.